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Big Ear Design & Construction

About the Big Ear:
This article gives both a basic and a more advanced explanation of the design of Big Ear. Several photos of the telescope are shown.

Big Ear Tour Map:
This contains a reproduction of a map of the Big Ear radio telescope and adjacent facilities used during Open House Tours of the Big Ear.

Two Slide Shows:
Here is a link to a menu enabling you to view two slides shows: (1) the Big Ear Online Tour; and (2) the James Arthur Collection. Both show many photos of the Big Ear radio telescope. Note that JavaScript must be enabled on your browser. Ther is also a link to a separate webpage containing the James Arthur Collection in high-resolution.

The Building of Big Ear:
This article gives insight about the construction of the Big Ear.

Structures Seen on Big Ear Aerial Photo:
The various structures you see in the above aerial photo of the Big Ear are each described in a separate section of this website obtained from this link. Note that for proper viewing you will need to have a browser that is both JavaScript-enabled and can handle frames.


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