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James Arthur Collection

The James Arthur Collection in High Resolution

The slideshow of the James Arthur Photo Collection (2nd link above) was prepared at a time when most persons were using a dial-up connection to the Internet. Thus the webmaster at the time made the decision to scan the James Arthur photos in a low resolution so that it would not take too long to download each photo. However, it is now very common for a person to have a high-speed (broadband) connection to the Internet. Thus, I decided to ask the eldest son (John Jr.) of the late Dr. John D. Kraus if he had the James Arthur Collection photos. He did. I asked permission to obtain high-resolution scans of those photos and he kindly provided me JPEGs from the scans of those photos and gave me permission to use them in this webpage. He also reestablished contact with James Arthur.

The link below takes you to a webpage that contains the 33 black & white photos of James Arthur; a higher resolution is obtained by clicking each photo.

James Arthur Collection in High Resolution



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