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Dr. John D. Kraus
June 28, 1910 - July 18, 2004
(W8JK, Silent Key)
Photo of John Kraus

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Post to rec.radio.amateur.antenna newsgroup on July 20, 2004

From: Bob Dixon (dixon.8@osu.edu)
Subject: W8JK Passes

Newsgroups: rec.radio.amateur.antenna
Date: 2004-07-20 09:12:00 PST

John Kraus W8JK has passed away at age 94. He is the inventor of the corner reflector, helix and W8JK antennas.


Responses to Bob Dixon's Posting

From: Yuri Blanarovich (k3bu@aol.comNoUsama)
Subject: Re: W8JK Passes

May he rest in peace! Great man, ham, he will be missed. Perhaps another proof that RF doesn't kill or cause cancer, as propagated by hysterical FCC and other "RF danger" promoters.

73 OB

Yuri, B3BU

From: Jim - NN7K (nn7kexk7zfg@sbcglobal.net)
Subject: Re: W8JK Passes

Not to mention , wrote the BIBLE on antenna theory! (Antennas by Kraus) ISBN# 07-035410-3 McGraw-Hill Electrical & Electronics Encineering Series 1950. Sorry to see him go-- Jim NN7K

From: J. McLaughlin (JCM@Power-Net.Net)
Subject: Re: W8JK Passes

Dear Bob:
Thanks for passing on the information.

Prof. Kraus was and is my mentor in grad. school. His kindness and caring for others, his willingness to work hard, and his generosity are also included in his legacy. He spoke softly, but in such a way that you wanted to run to meet his expectations.

Analogously to the custom in mathematics, I tell my worthy students that their Kraus number is 2 and that their students will be 3.

In addition to my father and my geology professor (James Zumberg), I have tried to emulate Prof. Kraus all of my life. They were the personification of the non-egotistical, helping genius. Too rare in any age.

Prof. Kraus was also a pioneer in radio astronomy producing, as I recall, the second atlas after Grote Reeber, who I once worked near. The two men were fast friends.

Let us all rejoice in such a long and productive life. If we can but approach a fraction, we will have lived well.

'till we meet again, 73 Mac N8TT

J. Mc Laughlin - Michigan USA Home: JCM@Power-Net.Net

From: Al (aldhearn@bellsouth.net)
Subject: Re: W8JK Passes

A genius, a pioneer, and a great representative of amateur radio. I have all three of his "Antennas" books, which are bibles in this arena. Thanks and 73s John.


From: Cecil Moore (w5dxp@hotmail.com)
Subject: Re: W8JK Passes

I'm really sorry to hear that. But his works will live in infamy.

73, Cecil http://www.qsl.net/w5dxp

From: Richard Harrison (richardharrison@webtv.net)
Subject: Re: W8JK Passes

Thanks to Bob for his posting. Sorry to lose a hero. Kraus antennas are used around the earth and in space. Kraus books are permanent sources of knowledge. Too bad Kraus did not live another 100 years.

Best regards, Richard Harrison, KB5WZI

From: Jeff Maass (jmaass@columbus.rr.com) Subject: Re: W8JK Passes

IEEE has a short professional biography of Dr. John D. Kraus W8JK at: http://www.ieee.org/organizations/history_center/legacies/kraus.html

Here is a copy of a newspaper article from 10 years ago that describes some of Dr. Kraus' accomplishments specific to radio astronomy and SETI, especially at the Ohio State University Radio Observatory. http://www.bigear.org/kraus.htm

I recommend that *all* Amateurs that they read Dr. Kraus' book 'Big Ear' (now available as 'Big Ear Two'). It's largely an autobiography, but not of the boring "I did this, then I did that" type. It's an interesting tour through radio and technology in the period paralleling Dr. Kraus' life in the 20th Century, from his viewpoint in story-telling style. Here's a short review and some information about the 'Big Ear Two' book:

I also liked his book 'Our Cosmic Universe', which is a non-technical description of astronomy (of all types) in the 20th Century.

Jeff K8ND

From: JLB (IHateSpam@nospam.net)
Subject: Re: W8JK Passes

Do you know the arrangements, Bob?

Those in the area that knew him may want to attend. Or is it a private family service?

For those just tuning in, I was one of his last students. Maybe one more after me. He was always kind and courteous. One thing I remember is that he always insisted on being called John, not 'Dr. Kraus'.

Jim, N8EE (Former W8JK student. OSU class of 1988)

From: Walter Maxwell (w2du@iag.net)
Subject: Re: W8JK Passes
Newsgroups: rec.radio.amateur.antenna
Date: 2004-07-21 08:47:37 PST

John Kraus was also my mentor through his great book, Antennas", Ed 1. John was also a close friend of another of my mentors, and colleague, Dr. George H. Brown. John credited Brown for originating the concept of increasing antenna gain through close spacing of the elements, which resulted in the two-element W8JK beam. Brown was ridiculed for suggesting such blasphemy, even by the US Patent Office in rejecting his patent application. But it was JK who realized its significance and applied it.

It is sad and unfortunate that such a great person has to leave us. Thus endeth his great contributions.

Walt Maxwell, W2DU

From: Richard Harrison (richardharrison@webtv.net)
Subject: Re: W8JK Passes Date: 2004-07-21 15:15:03 PST

Walter Maxwell, W2DU wrote:
Brown was ridiculed for suggesting such blasphemy, even by the U.S. Patent Office in rejecting his patent application."

Yes. I remember reading John Kraus` account of the situation. As I recall, the IRE rejected George Brown`s findings and would not publish his paper. Kraus figuered the IRE wouldn`t publish a similar paper from him either. So he waited his time until he had a related paper to publish and then Kraus attached Brown`s work. It sailed through the reviewers and was published.

Best regards, Richard Harrison, KB5WZI

From: Jeff Maass (jmaass@columbus.rr.com)
Subject: Re: W8JK Passes Date: 2004-07-21 11:23:34 PST

There is now a nice article about Dr. Kraus posted to the ARRL web site at: http://www.arrl.org/news/stories/2004/07/21/1/

Jeff K8ND

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