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Dr. John D. Kraus
June 28, 1910 - July 18, 2004
(W8JK, Silent Key)
Photo of John Kraus

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Following the death of Dr. John D. Kraus, several means were used to let the world know of his death, both by me and by several of my colleagues at NAAPO. Responses began arriving almost immediately, and I have categorized those responses. Below are links to other webpages for each of those categories.

Special Item

In April 2004 (just over 3 months prior to his death), Dr. John Kraus wrote a statement regarding the sale of the land on which the "Big Ear" radio telescope stood. He called his statement "Day of Infamy". Below is a link to this important statement. Even though it doesn't directly relate to his death, I have the feeling that Dr. Kraus felt that he should make this statement before he passed on.

"Day of Infamy" Statement

Jerry Ehman, Webpage Editor


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