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Cosmic Search: Issue 13
(Volume 4 Number 1; First half 1982)
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COSMIC SEARCH - an international, interplanetary, interstellar, intergalactic magazine

Editors, and Others Involved in the Publication

Editor: John Kraus, Director, Ohio State University Radio Observatory

Contributing Editors:
   H. James Birx, Canisius College
   Leonard David, National Space Institute
   Robert S. Dixon, Ohio State University
   Frank D. Drake, Cornell University
   David Swift, University of Hawaii
   Robert H. VanHorn, Bell Telephone Laboratories (retired)

Assistants: Alice Kraus, Pene Curmode

Staff Artist: Jim Arthur

Editorial Board

  • Richard Berendzen, President, The American University
  • John Billingham, Director SETI Program, NASA-AMES Research Center
  • Ronald Bracewell, Director, Radio Astronomy Observatory, Stanford University
  • Arthur C. Clarke, Sri Lanka, author of "2001, A Space Odyssey"
  • Norman Cousins, Chairman, Editorial Board, SATURDAY REVIEW
  • Frank D. Drake, Director, National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center (Arecibo), Cornell University
  • Donald S. Hall, Director, Strasenburgh Planetarium, Rochester, New York; Past President, International Planetarium Society
  • Theodore M. Hesburgh, President, University of Notre Dame
  • Nikolai Kardashev, Space Research Institute, Academy of Sciences, Moscow, USSR
  • Philip Morrison, Physics Department, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Bernard Oliver, Vice President, Hewlett-Packard Company; Director of NASA-Ames Cyclops Project
  • Cyril Ponnamperuma, Director, Laboratory of Chemical Evolution, University of Maryland
  • Martin Rees, Director, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University, England
  • Carl Sagan, Director, Laboratory for Planetary Studies, Cornell University
  • Walter Sullivan, Science Editor, New York Times
  • Vasevolod R. Troitsky, Radiophysical Scientific Research Institute, Gorky, USSR
  • Sebastian von Hoerner, National Radio Astronomy Observatory


The name COSMIC SEARCH is a registered trademark.

COSMIC SEARCH is published twice yearly (Jan.-June; July-Dec.) by Cosmic-Quest, Inc. Copyright © 1982 by Cosmic-Quest, Inc. All rights reserved. Cosmic Quest, Inc., is a non-profit educational-scientific organization.

Opinions expressed by persons writing in COSMIC SEARCH are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editorial staff.

Subscription price: $12 for 4 issues (2 years) in U.S. (and possessions), $16 elsewhere. Single copies: $3.00 in U.S. (and possessions), $3.50 elsewhere.

Address subscriptions and all other correspondence to: Radio Observatory, Box 293, Delaware, Ohio 43015.

Second-class postage is paid at Delaware, Ohio, and at additional mailing offices.

Note to subscribers: The last digits of the top line of your address label indicate the serial number of the last issue of your subscription. This issue is serial number 13.

Editor's Statement

With this issue COSMIC SEARCH goes to two issues a year. My responsibilities for editing, publishing, and distributing four issues a year almost single-handedly are more than I can manage along with my many other activities. With this change the price goes from $2.50 to $3.00 per copy. New subscriptions will be on the basis of a minimum of 4 issues (2 years) for $12.00 ($16.00 outside the U.S.). The costs of entering, billing and maintaining accounts make a 2-issue (1 year) subscription impractical. Subscriptions already in effect will be honored for the number of issues for which payment has been made. Thus, a 2-year (8 issue) subscription on the old basis converts to a 4-year (8 issue) subscription on the new basis.

John Kraus

Front Cover

Grote Reber and the First Radio Maps of the Sky. Story on page 14.

Front Cover Image

Table of Contents (in magazine)

"SETI Symposium Report" by Frank D. Drake4
"The Last Question" by Michael A. G. Michaud6
"Putting the Cosmos on Hold" by Frank D. Drake8
"U.S. Space Policy: The Continuing Controversy" by Marcia S. Smith10
"Extrasolar Planetary Foundation Report" by George D. Gatewood9
"The First 50 Years of Radio Astronomy; Part 2; Grote Reber and the First Radio Maps of the Sky" by John Kraus14
"Impressions of Voyager 2 and Saturn" by David W. Swift20
"When to Look Where" by Clifford E. Singer22
"The Cosmic Quest" by James Birx and Gary R. Clark29
   Editor's Statement3
   Faraday-Maxwell-Jansky 1831-193119
   ABCs of Space: "The Satellite Revolution"24
   SEnTInel: Proxmire, Star Seasons, Neutrinos, Gravity Lenses30
   People and Places32
   Financial Statement36
   Circulation Statement36
   COSMIC SEARCH "First 3 Years" bound volume36
   Order Blanks37

Thank you Friends of the Cosmic Quest

COSMIC SEARCH expresses sincere thanks to the following donors who are helping to make sure that the story of SETI and mankind's future continue to be told in an interesting and factual way.

     Planetary Donors
Robert J. Allen, Blythdale, Missouri
George Austin, M.D., Loma Linda, California
Donald R. Blaney, Seattle, Washington
Jane L. Brooks, Adelaide, S. Australia
Walter W. Buchanan, Lebanon, Indiana
Vera Buescher, Mountain View, California
Jack Craig, Oregon City, Oregon
Felix Dinkelmann, M.D., Obfelden, Switzerland
William E. Dorion, McLean, Virginia
Amahl S. Drake, Ithaca, New York
Harry Duke, Los Altos, California
Harold Early, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Nancy F. Eberbach, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Hale P. Faris, San Jose, California
B. Fredricksen, White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Richard and Maria Gauthier, North Bay, Ontario
Paul J. Hurm, Seven Mile, Ohio
Miroslav Jergovic, Umag, Yugoslavia
James C. Killman, Sherman, Texas
David M. Laida, Sierra Vista, Arizona
Nelson Lecklikner, Novata, California
John L. Mohn, San Antonio, Texas
Arthur J. Morgan, New York, New York
Wayne Reagor, Pompano Beach, Florida
William Rhodes, Phoenix, Arizona
A. V. Shaver, Winchester, Virginia
Paul Simmons, Sheboygan, Wis.
Eric W. Six, Iowa City, Iowa
Rohert S. Strause, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
John B. Theiss, Tucson, Arizona
Inge Bjart Torkildsen, Montiquar, France
Dennis Wildfogel, Pomona, N.J.
Two Anonymous

     Stellar Donors
Jane L. Brooks, Adelaide, S. Australia
Keith Conrad, Toledo, Ohio
George L. Douglass, II, Reno, Nevada
Harold Early, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Extrasolar Planetary Foundation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
John Fadum, Boca Raton, Florida
David C. Halley, Colonial Hts., Virginia
Christopher E. Mullin, Sr., Tiburon, California
Virginia Shaver, Winchester, Virginia
Paul Simmons, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
John Teetor, Marion, Ohio
C.L. Turnage, Camarillo, California

     Cosmic Donors
Two anonymous

COSMIC SEARCH, published by a non-profit scientific-educational organization, has been granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service, so contributions are tax-deductible (but subscriptions are not). On a combination donation-subscription or donation-renewal, the amount over and above the magazine cost is tax deductible. For example, if a donor sends $30 (qualifying as a "Planetary Donor") and includes a two-year subscription at $12, the $18 difference is tax-deductible.

Donation categories are as follows:
     Planetary: $30 per year
     Stellar: $100 per year
     Galactic: $500 per year
     Cosmic: $1000 per year

Contributions, however, will be gratefully accepted in any amount. Checks should be made payable to Cosmic Quest, Inc., P.O. Box 293, Delaware, Ohio 43015.

Financial Statement for COSMIC SEARCH

Financial Statement for <b>COSMIC SEARCH</b>

Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation

Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation

Miscellaneous Quotes

The following quotes are not directly associated with any article.

The following miscellaneous item was located on the inside front cover.


In one year Delta Vee has become one of the most effective and visible space groups. Through its Viking Fund to help keep pictures and weather data coming from Mars, its Halley Fund to send a probe to Halley's Comet, its Ferdinand and Isabella Fund for supporting space exploration concepts and its Extraterrestrial Connection Fund for supporting NASA SETI programs, Delta Vee is actively working for an expanded, dynamic space program.

Delta Vee, Inc., is a citizen's supported, non-profit space corporation. The name "Delta Vee" comes from the technical term meaning a change in velocity. Delta Vee wants more "Delta Vee" to increase the speed with which we explore space. Delta Vee is a space corporation of the people, for the people, by the people, representing over 20,000 persons who have contributed funds to help support NASA programs.

Contributions for Delta Vee's various projects may be sent to Delta Vee Inc., 3033 Moorpark Ave., Suite 27, San Jose, CA 95128.

The following quote was located on page 37.

True wit is nature to advantage dressed,
What oft was thought, but ne'er so well expressed.
     Alexander Pope (1688-1744)


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