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Issue 12 Cover

Cosmic Search: Issue 12
(Volume 3 Number 4; Fall (Oct., Nov., Dec.) 1981)
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The Extrasolar Planetary Foundation Report
By: George Gatewood

During the spring quarter the Extrasolar Planetary Foundation became an active and meaningful entity. A number of people decided to support our effort and become charter patrons, and our first special campaign has, thanks to Dr. Bernard Oliver of the Hewlett-Packard Corporation, become a significant effort.

Dr. Oliver has agreed to match all gifts to our drive for the instrumentation fund up to a total of $20,000. The first object of this campaign, as described in our last report (COSMIC SEARCH Spring 1981), is to obtain a new very high precision lens for the Allegheny Observatory 30-inch refractor. Combined with its new electronic detector, this telescope will be humanity's first operational system capable of detecting other planetary systems.

The Foundation also received two H-8 computers from Drs. Gilbert and Jaylee Mead of Goddard Space Flight Center. The first of these will be used for pointing control in the above system, and the second will be used by the Foundation to keep its records and maintain a mailing list. Others joining our charter patrons were: David Robinson, Leo J. Scanlon, Peter Koch and several anonymous donors.

In view of Dr. Oliver's offer, this is an especially good time to join the above list. We have a very real opportunity to contribute significantly to an effort central to the future of our species.

To contribute to the Foundation's instrumentation fund, or to obtain a copy of our new brochure, please write the Extrasolar Planetary Foundation, Observatory Station, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15214.

George Gatewood


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