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Issue 10 Cover

Cosmic Search: Issue 10
(Volume 3 Number 2; Spring (Apr., May, June) 1981)
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College Courses on "Life in the Universe"
By: Editors

College courses on "Life in the Universe" are becoming increasingly popular. Although dealing mainly with astronomy, many of the courses include much interdisiplinary material from such diverse areas as biology, medicine, psychology, physiology, semantics and communication.

We would like to include additional institutions. Please send information to Prof. John Kraus, Ohio State University Radio Observatory, 2015 Neil Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43210. Years given, attendance, a syllabus (if available) and other information will be appreciated.

In previous issues we have listed 29 colleges or universities offering or planning to offer courses. We list here two more instututions: The State University of New York at Albany and the New School for Social Research at New York, N.Y.

Institution: The State University of New York at Albany.
Instructor: Dr. Robert R. Creegan, professor of Philosophy.
Title: Borders of Science. (Phi 440 Q: a Jr.-Sr. Philosophy Course.)
Content: Some theory of perception and of reasoning, elementary astronomy topics, interstellar communication, UFO reports and theories, energy fields of the person, both normal and possible paranormal.
References: Kraus, "Our Cosmic Universe"; "The Cyclops Report," NASA; and "The Seti Report," NASA; Page and Sagan, "UFOs, a Scientific Debate", Creegan, "the Magic of Truth."
Year given: Once per semester since 1972.
Enrollment: Minimum 70, Maximum 200.

Institution: The New School for Social Research, New York, N.Y. 10011.
Instructor: Jeff Robbins.
Title: Other Minds/Other Stars
Content: Primary aim is to establish a more cosmic point of view from which we may better perceive our universe, ourselves, our past and conceivable futures, as one path among many possibilities.
References: Shklovskii & Sagan, "Intelligent Life in the Universe"; COSMIC SEARCH; Sullivan, "We are Not Alone"; Macvey, "Interstellar Travel"; Ridpath, "Messages From The Stars"; Lunan, "Interstellar Contract"; Sagan & Page, "UFO'S, A Scientific Debate"; Sagan, CETI; Jonas, "Other Senses/Other Worlds"; Patterson, "Evolution"; Brand, "Space Colonies"; Leakey & Lewin, "Origins"; Berendzen, "Life Beyond Earth & The Mind of Man"; Gribben, "White Holes."
Years given: 1979, 1980 (Spring Semesters)
Enrollment: 39 (1979), 40 (1980)


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