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Issue 10 Cover

Cosmic Search: Issue 10
(Volume 3 Number 2; Spring (Apr., May, June) 1981)
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By: Editors

     Vol. 1, No. 1, January 1979

"Searching for Interstellar Communications" by Giuseppi Cocconi and Philip Morrison
"Twenty Years After . . . " by Philip Morrison
"A Reminscence of Project Ozma" by Frank D. Drake
"Little Green Men, White Dwarfs or Pulsars?" by S. Jocelyn Bell Burnell
"Trouble in Aquila" by Arthur C. Clarke
"Rendezvous with Infinity" by Norman Cousins
"Time and a Cosmic Perspective" by Richard Berendzen
"What If We Succeed?" by Walter Sullivan
SETI Forum: An interview with Sebastian von Hoerner

     Vol. 1, No. 2, March 1979

"The Quest for Extraterrestrial Intelligence" by Carl Sagan
"Circles of Stone and Circles of Steel" by Don Lago
"Space Colonization and SETI": an interview with Gerard K. O'Neill
"The Case for SETI" by Richard Berendzen
"Generalized Life" by Jerome Rothstein
"Man's Role in the Galaxy" by R.N. Bracewell

     Vol. 1, No. 3, Summer 1979

"Neutrinos for Interstellar Communication" by Jay M. Pasachoff and Marc L. Kutner
"Extraterrestrial Politics" by Michael A.G. Michaud
"Bio-Cosmology: A New NASA Thrust" by B.M. Oliver
"Minds and Millenia: The Psychology of Interstellar Communication" by Michael A. Arbib
"We Wait and Wonder" by John Kraus
"Extraterrestrial Life: Where is Everybody?" by Jesco von Puttkamer

     Vol. 1, No. 4, Fall 1979

Forum: An interview with John A. Wheeler
"My Brother Karl Jansky and his Discovery of Radio Waves from Beyond the Earth" by C.M. Jansky, Jr.
"What It Was Like Before Ozma" by Louis Berman
"A Hymn to Life in the Universe" by Don Lago
"Quest Beyond the Stars: Are We Alone?" by Jesco von Puttkamer
"The Possibility of SETI From Space" by Roy P. Basler

     Vol. 2, No. 1, Serial No. 5, Winter 1980

"The Grand Analogy: History of the Idea of Extraterrestrial Life" by Trudy Bell
"It's a Nice Planet to Visit, but I Wouldn't Want to Live There" by Virginia Trimble
FORUM: Billingham on NASA and the Exploration of Space
"A Strange Radiation from Above" by John Kraus
"Strategies for the Search for Life in the Universe: A Joint Session of the International Astronomical Union" by Michael Papagiannis
"Towards a Cosmic Language" by Hans Freudenthal

     Vol. 2, No, 2, Serial No. 6, Spring 1980

"The Aliens in Our Oceans: Dolphins as Analogs" by Bruce E. Fleury
"Marconi" by George H. Brown
"The Chief Entities" by I.J. Good
"Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence" (Munich conference) by Jill Tarter
"Life in the Universe" (Paris conference) by Jill Tarter
"Where Are They" (Maryland conference) by Virginia Trimble
"Space Industrialization: Opportunity for Space Science" by G. Harry Stine
"In the Time Machine" by Don Lago
"Allocating the Radio Spectrum" (Geneva conference) by Vernon Pankonin

     Vol. 2, No. 3, Serial 7, Summer 1980

"Putting Our Best Signal Forward" by Leonard David
"A Speculation on the Influence of Biological Immortality on SETI" by Frank D. Drake
"Diana Waves Back: The First Moon Bounce" by John Kraus
"Confronting Political Realities" by Marcia S. Smith
"Strategies of Searching for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence" by Nikolai Kardashev
"Science Communication in the Mass Media" by Joan Lurie

     Vol. 2, No. 4, Serial 8, Year End 1980

"The Recognition of Alien Biospheres" by James E. Lovelock
"Strategies of Searching for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (Part Two) by Nikolai Kardashev
"SETI" by Frank D. Drake
"Why is Scientific Writing Unintelligible?" by Sharon Dunwoody
"Technical Development and Colonization as Factors in the Long-Term Variation in Limits to Growth" by Brian A. Tinsley
"In Search of Extrasolar Planets" (EPF Report) by George Gatewood

     Vol. 3, No. 1, Serial 9, Winter 1981

"SETI and the Spectral Classification of Stars" by John Bahng
"Not As We Know It" by Isaac Asimov
"In Which Klingons Became Chimeras" by Frank Drake
"Universal Chemical Evolution" by Robert Rubin
"ETI in the Classroom" by Philip Barnhart


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