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Issue 8 Cover

Cosmic Search: Issue 8
(Volume 2 Number 4; Year End 1980)
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In Review:
By: John Kraus

"Reflections", a 16-minute sound-color film by David Hoffman.

"One hundred sixty one sunrises, one hundred sixty one sunsets in 10 days — the speed — the silence — the incredible spectacle of the bright blue earth below on which we are all riders together — a oneness with the whole earth — a fantastic experience."

With words like these, Russell "Rusty" Schweickart takes you for a thrilling ride with him as he skims above "the womb of the earth we call the atmosphere" sharing with you his thoughts and emotions in a deeply moving, extremely impressive presentation. Rarely have the feelings of an astronaut been so eloquently expressed. The philosophical effects of spaceflight and the enormous potential of this new arena for all mankind are made apparent.

"Rusty" Schweikart will never be the same and he has an important message to share. Viewers can't help but acquire more of a cosmic perspective.

The film has taken first place at a number of film festivals. It is available in 16 and 35 millimeter widths as well as on video cassettes. Produced by David Hoffman, the film is geared to all audiences — schools, colleges, churches, private gatherings, etc. Anyone interested should contact: David Hoffman, 100 Pascal Avenue, Rockport, Maine 04856. (Tel. 207-236-8506).

John Kraus


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