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Cosmic Search: Issue 6
(Volume 2 Number 2; Spring (Apr., May, June) 1980)
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College Courses on "Life in the Universe"
By: Editors

College courses on "Life in the Universe" are becoming increasingly popular. Although dealing mainly with astronomy, many of the courses include much interdisciplinary material from such diverse areas as biology, medicine, psychology, physiology, semantics and communication. A total of 24 colleges offering or planning to offer courses are reported in this and previous issues of COSMIC SEARCH (see accompanying list).

List of College Courses on
Life in the Universe

The number in parentheses with each listing refers to the serial number of COSMIC SEARCH in which the course is described — (3): Summer 1979: (4): Fall 1979; (5): Winter 1980, (6): Spring 1980.

Appalachian State University,
Boone, North Carolina (5)

Bowling Green State University,
Bowling Green, Ohio (5)

California State University,
Fullerton, California (5)

Case Western Reserve University,
Cleveland, Ohio (4)

Consumes River College,
Sacramento. California (3)

John Carroll University,
University Heights, Ohio (4)

Kansas State University,
Manhattan. Kansas (5)

Leeward Community College,
Kaneohe, Hawaii (4)

Louisiana State Universtity,
Baton Rouge. Louisiana (4)

Menlo College,
Menlo Park, California (3)

State University of New York,
Stony Brook. New York (6)

Ohio State University,
Columbus, Ohio (3)

Otterbein College,
Westerville, Ohio (4)

St. Olaf College,
Northfield, Minnesota (5)

San Diego State University,
San Diego, California (3)

University of San Francisco,
San Francisco. California (4)

Sheridan College,
Sheridan. Wyoming (5)

Stanford University,
Stanford, California (4)

Stockton State College,
Pomona, New Jersey (3)

University of Texas,
Austin, Texas (6)

University of Vienna,
Vienna, Austria (6)

Washington and Jefferson College,
Washington, Pennsylvania (4)

Western Michigan University,
Kalamazoo. Michigan (5)

Wheaton College,
Norton, Massachusetts (4)

We would like to include additional institutions. Please send information to Prof. John Kraus, Ohio State University Radio Observatory, 2015 Neil Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43210. Years given, attendance, a syllabus (if available) and other information will be appreciated.

Newest listings are:

Institution: State University of New York, Stony Brook, Long Island, New York 11794.
Instructor: Tobias Owen
Title: Intelligent Life in the Universe
Content: The astronomical setting, the origin and evolution of life on the earth, the search for life in our solar system and the search for life in the universe, including an examination of the UFO and "Ancient Astronaut" controversies.
Reference: Shklovskii and Sagan, "Intelligent Life in the Universe". With Donald Goldsmith of Interstellar Media, Berkeley, California, Owen has written a new book, "The Search for Life in the Universe" published by Benjamin/Cummings, to be used in future offerings.
Years given: Since 1971.
Enrollment: 100 to 200 undergraduate students of widely varying backgrounds.

Institution: University of Vienna, A-1180 Vienna, Austria
Instructor:Dr. Maria G. Firneis, Institute of Astronomy
Title: Planetary Systems
Content: The formation of our planetary system, detection of planetary systems, organic compounds in interstellar matter, high-frequency radio engineering, Project OZMA, CETI, SETI and CYCLOPS, self-organization in biochemistry, hypercycles, evolution of the genetic code, DNA replication, space colonization.
References: Bracewell, "The Galactic Club"; Sagan, "The Cosmic Connection"; Shklovskii and Sagan, "Intelligent Life in the Universe"; Dole, "Habitable Planets for Man"; Dermott, "The Origin of the Solar System"; Fuchs, "Leben unter ferner Sonnen"; Hermann, "Astrobiologie"; Heppenheimer, "Colonies in Space"; NASA-Ames, "Project CYCLOPS"; Articles from Icarus, Vistas in Astronomy, Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics, COSMIC SEARCH and Mercury.
Years given: 1977, 1979
Enrollment: 36 (1977), 45 (1979).

Institution: University of Texas, Austin, Texas 78712
Instructors: Neal J. Evans II, Thomas Barnes, John Scalo and Fritz Benedict.
Title: Extraterrestrial Life (Astronomy 309L)
Content: The nature of the subject, cosmic evolution, terrestrial evolution, cultural evolution, life in the solar system, life outside the solar system, communication with extraterrestrial intelligence, interstellar travel.
References: Ponnamperuma and Cameron, "Interstellar Communication: Scientific perspectives"; Scientific American Sept. 1978 issue on "Evolution"; Ridpath, "Worlds Beyond"; Ponnamperuma, "The Origins of Life"; Shklovskii and Sagan, "Intelligent Life in the Universe"; Dole and Asimov, "Planets for Man".
Years given: Since 1975.
Enrollment: 100 to 150.

Note: We would be interested to know if there are any "Life in the Universe" courses which can be taken by correspondence. We have had inquiries. Please write to COSMIC SEARCH.


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