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Issue 6 Cover

Cosmic Search: Issue 6
(Volume 2 Number 2; Spring (Apr., May, June) 1980)
[Letters in magazine found on page 9]

By: Editors

*Letters are always welcome but owing to the volume it is not possible to acknowledge all of them. Also due to space limitations we reserve the right where necessary to condense or edit the contents. Letters may be addressed to: Editorial Dept., COSMIC SEARCH, P.O. Box 293, Delaware, Ohio 43015.

I am one of your first subscribers and, like all others, look forward eagerly to each new issue. In fact I read many of the articles several times.

G. W. Drake
Bay Village, Ohio

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I subscribe to too many magazines as it is but COSMIC SEARCH is unusual. It is GOOD!!

Reid Martin
Tavares, Florida

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COSMIC SEARCH is doing a fine job of giving an overview of the work being done to explore the possibilities of communicating with possible civilizations beyond the earth. Basic to such communication is the use of the radio telescope.

I am presently building a two-dish interferometer for 610 megahertz and would be interested in exchanging technical information with other amateurs who are working on radio telescopes. I think it would be a good idea for COSMIC SEARCH to include an occasional nuts and bolts article for encouragement to amateurs in the field of radio astronomy.

Jerry Carmean
Calico Ridge
Logan, Ohio 43138

Jerry Carmean's two 9-meter dishes

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SETI is one of the grandest scientific endeavors and COSMIC SEARCH gives it the serious treatment it deserves.

Bruce E. Fleury
Tampa, Florida

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Good luck with COSMIC SEARCH. It is a very worthy effort. The Winter 1980 issue is probably the best since the magazine started.

Prof. Michael D. Papagannis
Chairman, Dept. of Astronomy
Boston University
Boston, Massachusetts

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COSMIC SEARCH has excellent material and is very readable. I would enjoy a little more futurist viewpoint.

Robert E. Manion
Columbus, Ohio

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We hope radio astronomy buffs will write to COSMIC SEARCH about their work as suggested by Jerry Carmean.

Construction manuals for making your own amateur radio telescope, completely operational radio telescopes and accessories are carried by Bob's Electronics, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In addition this organization sells a cassette tape with dramatic sounds of pulsars and other radio sources.


We hope your magazine grows and grows. It deserves much success.

Rosina Hodge
Tarzana, California

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Publishing COSMIC SEARCH must involve a lot of effort but please continue. It is very worth while.

Dennis Cole
Pasadena, California

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Your magazine is something for which I have waited years. Keep up the good work.

Delbert E. Anderson
Laurelville, Ohio

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An excellent magazine. I am renewing my subscription for two years.

Flemming Ahrenkel
Horsholm, Denmark

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The Fall 1979 issue was very thought provoking.

Louise Sundin
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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I find COSMIC SEARCH particularly useful because I can easily understand the articles.

D. Narasimhan
Madras, India

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E. M. Little
Dryden, New York

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