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Issue 4 Cover

Cosmic Search: Issue 4
(Volume 1 Number 4; Fall (Oct., Nov., Dec.) 1979)
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Off the Shelf
By: Mirjana Gearhart

Space, the Future, and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence have always fascinated Man, as can be seen by the thousands upon thousands of books and articles written since the days of ancient Greece. In this, and future issues of COSMIC SEARCH, selected books and other publications are presented for interested readers. Space prevents inclusion of more than a few in each issue, but we believe that in these references, both old and new, you will find much that will add to your knowledge, understanding and enjoyment.

N. J. Berrill, WORLDS WITHOUT END: A REFLECTION ON PLANETS, LIFE AND TIME, 1964, The Macmillan Company, New York, N.Y. (232 pg., hardbound). An interesting account of the possibilities of extraterrestrial intelligence, as it concerns life and its evolution, time and space.

Preston Cloud, COSMOS, EARTH AND MAN, 1978, Yale University, New Haven, Conn. (363 pg., paperbound). A short history of the universe and its inhabitants by one of America's distinguished biogeologists. From the evolution of the cosmos to man's future on earth and beyond.

William C. Day, GENESIS ON PLANET EARTH: THE SEARCH FOR LIFE'S BEGINNING, 1979, House of Talos Publishers, East Lansing, Mich. (408 pg., hardbound). A comprehensive account of life—how it began—and how it has evolved chemically and biologically toward its present-day state of complexity. Written by a research chemist.

Timothy Ferris, THE RED LIMIT: THE SEARCH FOR THE EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE, 1977, William Morrow and Company, New York, N.Y. (275 pg., hardbound). A fascinating, easy-to-read discussion of the major advances in astronomy and cosmology; about the men and women of science who made these contributions.

Larry Geis and Fabrice Florin, eds., WORLDS BEYOND: THE EVERLASTING FRONTIER, 1978, And/Or Press, Berkeley, Cal. (294 pg., paperbound). First hand accounts of science fact in a survey of the field of space and all its many ramifications.

Jerome Clayton Glenn and George S. Robinson, SPACE TREK: THE ENDLESS MIGRATION, 1978, Stackpole Books, Harrisburg, Pa. (223 pg., hardbound). The detailed story of the political climate prevailing as space migration and the industrialization of space become accepted ideas, not only on technological grounds, but due to societal pressures.

Frederic Golden, QUASARS, PULSARS AND BLACK HOLES, 1976, Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, New York (205 pg., hardbound). From the beginnings of astronomy to the search for the elusive black hole, this book provides a glimpse into the mysteries confronting astronomers today.

Jerry Grey, ENTERPRISE, 1979, William Morrow and Company, New York, New York (279 pg., paperbound). An insider vividly describes the behind-the-scenes story of the Space Shuttle, christened Enterprise. Science and politics go hand-in-hand as the world awaits the launch of the Enterprise, scheduled for later this year.

Joachim Herrmann, LEBEN AUF ANDEREN STERNEN? 1963, Bertelsmann-Verlag, Gutersloh, West Germany (190 pg., hardbound). A popular account about the possibilities of life on other worlds and the first steps mankind is taking toward interstellar communication. In German.

Joachim Herrmann, ASTROBIOLOGIE, 1974, Frankh'sche Verlagshandlung, W. Keller and Company, Stuttgart, West Germany (176 pg., paperbound). A glimpse into the beginnings of life, how it came to exist on earth, and what programs we might undertake to contact other worlds. In German.

William Graves Hoyt, LOWELL AND MARS, 1979, The University of Arizona Press, Tucson, Ariz. (376 pg., paperbound). An authoritative discussion of the career of the famous astronomer Percival Lowell. Lowell's theory on the existence of life on Mars and many other thought-provoking ideas are treated in this informative book.

Charles W. Misner, Kip S. Thorne, and John Archibald Wheeler, GRAVITATION, 1973, W. H. Freeman and Company, San Francisco, Ca. (1219 pg., paperbound). A comprehensive text on gravitational physics, presenting two tracks—one designed to deal with the basic physical concepts, the other presenting a rigorous mathematical treatment. A classic in the field.

E. A. Schneour and E. A. Ottesen, EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE—AN ANTHOLOGY AND BIBLIOGRAPHY, 1966, National Academy of Science-National Research Council Publication #1296A (478 pg., paperbound). A comprehensive index of SETI literature, including books and articles.

Viking Lander Imaging Team 9, THE MARTIAN LANDSCAPE, 1978, Scientific and Technical Office, NASA, Washington, D.C. (160 pg., hardbound). The narrative of the Viking exploration of the Martian surface. Contains 202 photographs of the landing sight and surroundings and a detailed account of the entire Viking program.

Gordon Wolstenholme, ed. MAN AND HIS FUTURE, 1963, Little, Brown and Company, Boston, Mass. (400 pg., hardbound). A Ciba Foundation symposium attended by 27 distinguished world citizens who discuss and consider the present and imminent possibilities of biological research—as well as man's future on this planet.


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