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Issue 3 Cover

Cosmic Search: Issue 3
(Volume 1 Number 3; Summer 1979)
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Off the Shelf
By: Mirjana Gearhart

The literature of SETI is extensive. In this and future issues of COSMIC SEARCH selected books and other publications are listed with pertinent information. Space prevents the inclusion of more than a small number in each issue. We believe you will find in these references much that will add to your knowledge and understanding while imparting something of the adventure and excitement of SETI.

Tom Allen, THE QUEST: A REPORT ON EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE, 1965, Chilton Books, Philadelphia, Pa. (310 pg., paperbound). A simple-to-follow, concise summary of man's quest for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Ben Bova, PLANETS, LIFE AND LGM, 1970, Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., Inc., Reading, Mass. (107 pg., hardbound). This famous writer of science fiction focuses his energies on speculating about life-in particular life in space.

Gosta Ehrensvard, MAN ON ANOTHER WORLD, 1965, The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, Ill. (182 pg., hardbound). In this translation of the original Swedish text, the author presents some of the universalities of life as it exists here—and possibly elsewhere. Ehrensvard views all of our evolution, our thrust into space, as stages preliminary to a broader sphere of interest.

V. Axel Firsoff, LIFE, MIND AND GALAXIES, 1967, Oliver and Boyd, Ltd., London, England (109 pg., paperbound). A monograph which looks at the biochemistries responsible for evolution on earth and presents alternatives we might consider as we search for life on other planets.

Hans Freudenthal, LINCOS, DESIGN OF A LANGUAGE FOR COSMIC INTERCOURSE, 1960, North-Holland Publishing Co., Amsterdam (224 pg., hardbound). The author presents the formalisms and terminology for a proposed cosmic language in terms of its mathematical structure, duration, behavior and mechanics.

Kenneth W. Gatland and Derek Dempster, WORLDS IN CREATION, 1974, Henry Regney Co., Chicago, 111. (232 pg., hardbound). The authors present the most recent developments in the fields of astronomy, space research, physics and biochemistry and add their own speculations about life in the universe.

Stephen Hanrahan, ed., THE SEARCH FOR EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE, 1967, American Astronautical Society, Washington, D.C. (378 pg., hardbound). Proceedings of the 12th Annual American Astronautical Society which brought together several hundred scientists and engineers to discuss and evaluate methods of conducting searches for extraterrestrial intelligence.

T. A. Heppenheimer, COLONIES IN SPACE, 1977, Stackpole Books, Harrisburg, Pa. (224 pg., hardbound). The story of how, using presently available technology like NASA's space shuttle, we can put humans into space so they might begin colonization of space.

Doris Jonas and David Jonas, OTHER SENSES, OTHER WORLDS, 1976, Stein and Day Publishers, Briarcliff Manor, N.Y. (240 pg., hardbound). An anthropologist and psychiatrist speculate on what kinds of life might inhabit other solar systems by examining what we can learn about the sense perceptions of other creatures on earth.

Ernst Mayr, EVOLUTION AND THE DIVERSITY OF LIFE, 1976, Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass. (721 pg., hardbound). A collection of essays portraying the unity of evolutionary processes by natural selection and the diversity of living forms.

Frederick I. Ordway III, LIFE IN OTHER SOLAR SYSTEMS, 1965, E. P. Dutton and Co., New York, N.Y. (96 pg., hardbound). This monograph explores our solar system and discusses the possibilities and probabilities of life existing elsewhere.

Cyril Ponnamperuma, ed., EXOBIOLOGY, 1972, North-Holland Publishing Co., Amsterdam (485 pg., hardbound). Volume 23 in the Research Monographs in Frontiers of Biology, this contribution gathers together the writings of the world's exobiology experts on this vitally stimulating topic.

Brad Steiger and John White, eds., OTHER WORLDS, OTHER UNIVERSES, 1975, Doubleday and Company, Inc., Garden City, N.Y. (245 pg., hardbound). A collection of essays by 16 scholars and thinkers on subjects that range from Earth's prehistory to plasma-bodied biologies.

G. M. Tovmasyan, ed., EXTRATERRESTRIAL CIVILIZATIONS, 1967, Israel Program for Scientific Translations, Jerusalem NASA TTF-438 (99 pg., paperbound). A collection of papers by Soviet scientists about the experimental and technical aspects of SETI. Proceedings of the 1964 Byurakan Conference translated from the Russian.

Alfred R. Wallace, MAN'S PLACE IN THE UNIVERSE, 1903, McClure, Phillips and Co., New York (326 pg., hardbound). An historic book about turn-of-the-century scientific research into the plurality of worlds.


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