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Big Ear Mentioned on the X-Files

The volunteers at the Big Ear observatory were completely floored when Big Ear and the SETI program were mentioned in the 1994 season premier showing of the "The X-Files".

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The story and information they gave about the WOW signal was quite accurate. Bob Dixon, Director of the SETI Program, had no idea how the writers got the information. They never contacted us and the details they gave were generally known only in SETI circles. "The X-Files" writers were certainly resourceful.

Later, one of the members received the following response to an e-mail message to the producers of the show:

"I'm glad that you guys got a kick out of the mentioning of Ohio State's SETI program on "The X-Files." I read about the Wow signal in Frank Drake's book. Your field is fascinating to me and I hope the episode brought some of your work to light to the public at large. Although, I am embarrassed about connecting it to the "alien stuff." Hopefully, some facts are better than none. With all the nitpicking on the show over the Net, I am irked that no one has pointed out the accuracy of Richard Bryon managing to shut down NASA'S microwave survey. I was really hoping people would hassle him. Please keep up the good work and here is looking to the next WOW signal.

Best regards,
Glen Morgan
Co-Executive Producer
"The X-Files"



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