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Photo Credits
for Images Appearing in COSMIC SEARCH Magazine

Volume 1 Number 1

"Searching for Interstellar Communications"

Photo of Giuseppe Cocconi - not credited
Photo of Philip Morrison - "M.I.T."

"Twenty Years After...."

Photo of Jodrell Bank telescope - "University of Manchester"

"A Reminiscence of Project Ozma"

Photo of telescope at Green Bank - "N.R.A.O."
Photo of Frank Drake - "Cornell University"

"Little Green Men, White Dwarfs or Pulsars?"

Photo of Jocelyn Bell Burnell standing next to telescope - "Cambridge University"
Photo of Jocelyn Bell Burnell head shot - "Photo by ROBIN S. SCAGELL"

"Trouble in Aquila"

Photo of Arthur C. Clarke at desk - "Photo by BILLYE CUTCHEN"

"Rendezvous with Infinity"

Photo of Norman Cousins - "SATURDAY REVIEW"

"Time and a Cosmic Perspective"

Photo of Richard Berendzen - "American University"

"What If We Succeed?"

Photo of Walter Sullivan - "N.Y. TIMES"

"FORUM: von Hoerner on SETI"

Photo of Sebastian von Hoerner - "N.R.A.O."

Volume 1 Number 2

"The Quest for Extraterrestrial Intelligence"

Photo of Carl Sagan - "PHOTO BY SUSAN S. LANG"

"Circles of Stone and Circles of Steel"

Photo of Don Lago - Not credited

"Forum: Gerard K. O'Neill on 'Space Colonization and SETI'"

Photo of Gerard K. O'Neill - Not credited

"The Case for SETI"

Photo of the earth taken from space - Not credited - Presumably NASA

"Generalized Life"

Photo of Jerome Rothstein - "O.S.U. NEWS IN ENGINEERING"

Volume 1 Number 3

"Neutrinos for Interstellar Communication"

Photo of neutrino detection apparatus - "BROOKHAVEN"
Photo of Jay M. Pasachoff - "DAN CHAPMEN"
Photo of Marc L. Kutner - Not credited

"Extraterrestrial Politics"

Photo of Michael A. G. Michaud - Not credited

"Bio-Cosmology: A New NASA Thrust"

Photo of Cyclops antenna concept - "NASA"
Photo of Bernard M. Oliver - Not credited

"MINDS AND MILLENNIA: The Psychology of Interstellar Communication"

Photo of Michael A. Arbib - "PHOTO BY H. NISHIO"

"We Wait and Wonder"

Photo of Dick Arnold, Bob Dixon, Jerry Ehman, Ed Teiga and John Kraus - "MIRJANA GEARHART"
Photo of Wow! Signal - Not credited - Probably taken by John Kraus
Chart of Signal Level vs Right Ascension - Not credited - Probably John Kraus

"Extraterrestrial Life: Where is Everybody?"

Photo of space station - "NASA"
Photo of Jesco von Puttkamer - Not credited

Volume 1 Number 4

"FORUM: John A. Wheeler: From the Big Bang to the Big Crunch"

Photo of Albert Einstein, Hidekei Yukawa and John A. Wheeler - Not credited
Diagrammatic representation of a black hole - Not credited - Presumably John Kraus
Diagram of Big Bang to Big Crunch - Not credited - Presumably John Kraus
Second Diagram of Big Bang to Big Crunch - Not credited - Presumably John Kraus
Photo of John Archibald Wheeler - "MIRJANA GEARHART"
Diagram of nuclear fission splitting - Not credited - Presumably John Kraus

"My Brother Karl Jansky and His Discovery of Radio Waves from Beyond the Earth"

One of Karl Jansky's records - Not credited
Photo of Karl Jansky at University of Wisconsin - Not credited
Photo of Karl Jansky's antenna system - "B.T.L."
Photo of Karl Jansky and son David - Not credited

"What It Was Like Before Ozma"

Photo of Grote Reber's dish antenna at Wheaton, Illinois - Not credited
Photo of Louis Berman - Not credited



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