Hot Spot Instructions

There are seven (7) hot spots on the above aerial photo of the former Big Ear radio telescope.

When you move your mouse or trackball pointer over one of the hot spots, appropriate text will appear in this frame.

When you finish reading the text for a given hot spot, simply try finding another hot spot. The text for the new hot spot will replace the previous text in this frame. Since these instructions will be overwritten, you can see them again by clicking the link "See Hot Spot Instructions Again" at the top of the screen.

[Note. For the cases where there is a large amount of text in this frame (so that a vertical scrollbar appears), the scroll wheel on your mouse or trackball (if you have it) may allow vertical scrolling of the text without moving your pointer to the scrollbar itself (it depends on your browser). If it doesn't, try clicking in this bottom frame first.]

When you are done with this process, click on either of the links at the top of the screen: "Go Back to Design & Construction Menu" or "Go Back to Home. Page".

I hope you can find all 7 hot spots!

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Last modified: August 13, 2005